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Kate Linke grew up in the red dirt and dusty paddocks of the Mid West of Western Australia. Growing up in regional WA gives you a ‘boots ‘n’ all’ perspective on life and the land and it’s no surprise to find that Kate’s catchy and melodic songs and her storytelling captured the heart and imagination of her audience who, like her, have spent time, lived and worked in this unique part of Australia.


Kate’s third album, The Girl I Amis her most authentic album to date. The songs graphically tell the stories of her colourful working life on her stud farm raising livestock and working with dogs. There are stories of the character around the district, like her friend, The Truck Driving Girlbut mainly the songs are autobiographical and deal with family ties and with animals (clearly a major passion).


Kate drives many miles in her ute and songs like Point The Old Ute North, tell of her commitment to being a performer and using her authentic voice to tell her audience about her unique life. The focus of The Girl I Amis ‘home’ with all that word entails, the love she feels there and the yearning when she’s away.


Kate Linke’s voice is as direct and honest as the landscape from which she draws her inspiration.



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Truck Drivin' Girl - Kate Linke
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“I’m very excited to be back at Boyup Brook for 2019. Best festival in WA!”



- Kate Linke



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