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In 2007, Pete Denahy released a song called Sort Of Dunno Nothin’ which went viral on youtube and radio stations around Australia. The song gained so much attention, it became better know than Pete Denahy himself, who until then was famous mostly in the wine cask areas of small town supermarket bottle shops. His fame has spread moderately since and he now enjoys being recognized in some of the larger shopping centres. His comedy material includes such songs as The Petrol Head Fly, the Shopping Trolley, Bat In The Cave, The Target Song, Toilet Paper, Poker Machine and You Actually Burn More Calories Eating Celery Than You Get From The Celery Itself.


Pete’s love of bluegrass music has taken him to Japan and the United States, making friends and picking tunes and songs with some of the best. His main instruments are guitar and fiddle, although he also plays mandolin and some banjo. He has several bluegrass releases including Wishbone Road and Singin’ Shoes.


He takes groups of Australians to Japan and the USA to explore bluegrass and country music abroad and loves touring Australia with his own show of comedy (family friendly) and bluegrass music.


Make sure you catch his show if it’s coming to a town near you!



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I played in WA with Slim Dusty in 2000 and the crowds were fabulous. To be coming to Boyup Brook and doing those songs with the Travelling Country Band is very exciting. I played Boyup Brook as a solo act some years ago and I’ve been wanting to get back ever since. I can’t wait for February!



- Pete Denahy



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