Bootscoot your way to Living Lighter

The Country Music Club of Boyup Brook is delighted to partner with Healthway to promote the LiveLighter health message and create a healthy environment at the 2017 Boyup Brook Country Music Festival.

The LiveLighter message is all about increasing awareness that being overweight is not healthy and promoting healthy eating and physical activity.

The Boyup Brook Country Music Festival and the West Australian Country Music Awards, presented by LiveLighter will be celebrating a 32 year anniversary in 2017. This is a strong local community event and celebration of music and culture that attracts thousands of people to the region and encourages lots of healthy activity. We aim to create an environment that supports people to make healthier choices while doing what they love.

Daly Winter, President of the Club said: “Each year we welcome back many thousands of people and introduce more to enjoy all that Boyup Brook has to offer during the Country Music Festival”.

The Boyup Brook Country Music Festival is one of the top Country Music Festivals in Australia with four days of music, art and camping under a galaxy of stars. The Festival promotes and recognises aspiring West Australians in their artistic endeavours and boasts a myriad of musical excitement. It is quickly becoming known as a bucket list item for country music fans. Tell your family and friends and bring them along to the 2017 event.

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