2017 WA Regional Arts Summit

As Music Director of the Country Music Club of Boyup Brook I was the lucky recipient of some support funding from Country Arts WA through their Volunteer Travel Assistance Fund to attend the 2017 WA Regional Arts Summit which was held in Mandurah recently.

I feel so lucky and privileged to have attended and met some amazing people from regional areas of Western Australia. The chance to be exposed to culture and the arts drives me, inspires me and comforts me. There was such a wealth of knowledge, skills and entertainment showcased. We have a lot of talent in WA. A showcase of ‘Rising from the Ashes’ was a Northcliffe story about the recovery after their fires and was by far my favourite. We had four jam packed days of activity, discussion, debate and inspiration and powerful exchanges of information and skills sharing.

Thank you to Country Arts WA for your hard work in organising this event. It really was exceptional and I congratulate you all.

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