If every time you take one step forward and two steps backwards, don't be discouraged. You just learned how to bootscoot!

If you want more lessons, come along to the 'Fun, Easy Bootscooting' workshops with Jan and Les at the Flaxmill Caravan Park Hall on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th February from 10:30am - 12:30pm.

Ukulele for Beginners

Friday 16th February at 11:00am at Boyup Brook District High School

Are you interested in learning how to play a musical instrument?

Steve and Barb of Dinkum Oil will be holding a 'Ukulele for Beginners' workshop during the Festival at 11:00am on Friday 16th February at the Flaxmill Caravan Park Hall.


Friday 16th February at 12:30pm at Boyup Brook District High School

Allan Caswell has been considered one of Australia’s most successful and most recorded songwriters. He is the go to co-writer for many of Australia’s top Country Artists. He brings a wealth of experience, skill and craft to every writing session and in recent years he has been drawn more and more to passing on the knowledge, principles and tricks of the trade to new and established writers around the country in his songwriting workshops.

‘I can teach you things in five minutes that took me 35 years of trial and error to learn and I can also teach you things that I learned in five minutes from someone else who had put in the 35 years…it’s about sharing and passing things on…and I’m passionate about it.’

Songwriting Panel Q&A

Friday 16th February at 2:30pm at Boyup Brook District High School

You'll hear from a different member of an expert panel on topics of song writing. They have each recorded very successful songs.

Laureate storyteller songwriter Luke O'Shea carries on the ancient tradition of singing up this incredible country. Greatly inspired by the significant and heart-breaking events of the past and the strong and unique people that live upon this land - Luke O'Shea crafts and delivers powerful and poetic songs rich in melody, originality and at times - a twisted sense of humour.

Allan Caswell is one of Australia’s most recorded songwriters with well over 600 of his songs being released around the world by artists of the calibre of Cilla Black, Patti Page, The Iris Rovers, The Living End, Slim Dusty, James Blundell, McAlister Kemp, Graeme Connors, The Deltones, Jade Hurley among dozens of others.

‘Australian songs about Australia’ is how Simply Bushed introduces themselves to a new audience. It is the songwriting of Paul Grierson and Chris Rieger that kick started the growth of Simply Bushed. Paully and Chris will be sharing with audiences during their first visit to Boyup Brook how they have crafted many true stories into award winning songs that are loved by audiences and has elevated them to being one of the leading Australiana acts. Hear the rest of the stories behind their songs and for those who are also writers maybe some insight into the actual songwriting process.

For all bookings, please ring the office on (08) 9765 1657

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