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On the Saturday morning the town centre comes alive with the Lotterywest Street Carnival offering a swag of stimulating and colourful entertainment. There are many buskers, children’s activities and ute and truck parade to add to the atmosphere. It’s free, spontaneous and everyone is welcome to participate. It’s a day of cheerful entertainment with a huge line up of attractions planned to keep all ages smiling. The Street Carnival is a dynamic event that transforms inner Boyup Brook into an explosion of epic proportions, combining music, art installations and roving performers.


Boyup Brook’s longevity is due to the continued support and enthusiasm of our stakeholders and community.


One of the fringe events during the Boyup Brook Country Music Street Carnival is the markets. 

You can discover all the great character of the outdoor markets that are on offer. There is lots of room for more markets selling a vast variety of new goods including clothing, fashion accessories, books, preserves and pickles, memorabilia, music, toys and gifts, hand crafted jewellery, pottery, candles, organic produce, olives and olive oil, plants, home made products and hand crafted arts and crafts. 


The community has embraced the relaxed, casual style of Saturday morning shopping. All of this while you enjoy entertainment from many buskers and entertainment from around the state. 

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